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Welcome to the Craftomated Wikia[]

A wiki for the Craftomated plugin


Craftomated is an alteration to your Minecraft server that adds many new tools, machines and other cool items with the help of a custom resource pack I designed in order to retexture/remodel blocks that I didn't think were needed in the core gameplay of Minecraft into machines.

This unfortunately means that while this plugin is active, your players will not be able to use/place/get:

  • Golden Chestplate
  • Golden Boots
  • Diamond Hoe
  • Iron Hoe
  • Wooden Hoe
  • Golden Hoe
  • Orange/Yellow/Light Blue/Purple/Blue/Red/Black Stained Clay
  • All fences except from the default oak one.
  • All cobblestone walls
  • All music discs

On the plus side though, this plugin totally changes the way your server will work!

This plugin adds four main things:

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